26 Dec 19

Why Top Toy Makers Prefer Wholesalers for Sales?

Toys have always been a favorite part of childhood. The playful moments with dolls, superheroes, dinosaurs, and cars have created some of the astonishing memories. Kids grow out of toys and embrace adulthood just to be replaced with new group of toy lovers. Simply put, the demand for toys is never down. Toy selling business is in the top category as a revenue-earner.

Reputed toy brands like Mattel. Fisher-Price, Wild Republic, Toysmith, Epoch, Wabooba and Alex have some amazing toys to their credit. Business success for them means widest reach and global profit. These brands usually prefer wholesale toy markets of the world to ensure reach to the toy customers worldwide. It becomes easy to export manufactured toys from their factory outlets to different parts of the world.

Wholesalers are the Bridge between Suppliers and Retailers

Branded toy makers have always preferred JC sales company which deals with the business of wholesale toys in Florida.

There are several reasons to choose JC sales as a wholesaler partner:

  • Effective Transportation & Delivery – The company helps in delivery of bulk load of toy cartons across different retailers spread across national and international boundaries. Toy makers can easily avoid the transportation hassles.
  • Bulk Breaking Facility – JC sales buys toys in bulk and breaks them into appropriate quantity, so that individual retailer get the toy shipment delivered as per the quantity ordered. Brands need not worry about the packaging of the toy items to be shipped to multiple retailers.
  • Allow Ordering Flexibility – It is easy to sell via wholesalers because a perfect inventory can be created as per the retailers’ order.
  • Wide Sourcing for Makers and Retailers – Retailers have the opportunity to access endless number of toy makers. Even the manufacturers have the opportunity to sell products which are not very popular (but do have occasional demand) apart from the in demand toy products.
  • Intensive Market Reach – JC Sales which own business of Kids Toys in Florida helps to build customer relationship with retailers in the local market, which otherwise would have been beyond business scope.
  • Credit Facility – It is easy for wholesalers to lend credit to toy retailers. Toy manufacturers prefer to avoid long-distance credit.
  • Easy to Promote and Market – JC Sales helps to promote new products launched by leading toy makers. The job get easy because wholesalers have the advantage to remain in direct contact with the retailers.
  • Fosters Relationship – Wholesalers ensure healthy business relationship between toy manufacturers and retailers by allowing on-site product inspection.


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